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Established in 2007, the Montreal-based brand WANT Les Essentiels has consistently conceived premium bags, shoes, and curated travel accessories that epitomize enduring style, unmatched functionality, and superior craftsmanship, creating a collection of timeless and minimalist essentials.

This distinctive approach has garnered widespread appreciation, and over the span of 15 years, WANT Les Essentiels has achieved significant milestones, establishing its presence globally, particularly in key cities such as New York, Los Angeles, and Tokyo. The brand has been featured prominently in influential fashion and business publications, and renowned celebrities have embraced its key pieces, further solidifying its position in the fashion landscape.

2024 marks the beginning of a new chapter. Our approach has changed to align with today's needs and desires. More than ever, we wish to focus on "WANT", now that the "Les Essentiels" part of our trademark has established a reputation and proven that our products are top of the line.

We empower both women and men with their own voices, personalities, and unique collections. She brings her ‘WANT’ vision, tinted with confidence, emotions, desirability, and sensuality, while he revitalizes the success of the heritage of ‘LES ESSENTIELS’ lifestyle from a contemporary perspective.

WANT fully embraces the legacy of its iconic pieces while allowing innovation to shape a new era of understated luxury, tailored to enhance style in every aspect of daily life. Designed for today and built for tomorrow, WANT's products are conceived with intention, prompting us to contemplate what is truly "essential."