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The Great Escape

Written by WLE

These five hotels showcase their discreet luxury in an enchanting backdrop, weaving a whisper of magic into our yearnings for escape.

Hotel Corazon, Mallorca

Nestled between the sea and mountains, within the embrace of an ancient finca overlooking the hillside, the Corazon hotel beckons those seeking refuge from the world's chaos. Here, the absence of a television cedes authority to nature, and luxury is distilled into a simple, unadorned state, embodying the essence of a wild spirit. The hotel exudes a profound respect for Majorca's treasures and the skilled hands of its artisans, with each material, stone, or artifact adorning the premises a testament to the island's rich bounty. Comprising 15 rooms, each with a distinctive and unwavering personality, the Corazon hotel strives to mirror the dreams of its guests, offering a sanctuary reminiscent of a second home. Within this haven, guests can bask by the pool during sunset, engage in the arts of yoga, reiki, culinary craftsmanship, and music. The atmosphere fosters spontaneity, giving rise to extraordinary events where vibrant meals transform into symphonies of flavor, and memories are indelibly etched into the canvas of the heart.

The NoMad Hotel, London

Stepping into the NoMad Hotel is like embarking on a journey through time, wandering within the walls of a 19th-century masterpiece. Once housing the Police Station and the Court of Magistrates of London, the Bow Street edifice, strategically positioned in Covent Garden, underwent a transformative renaissance in collaboration with the New York-based interior design studio, Roman & Williams. Through this collaboration, they successfully infused modernity into the space while preserving the majestic patina of its storied heritage, propelling the NoMad into the ranks of the world's 50 most coveted hotels. This accomplishment solidifies an unbreakable bond between New York and London, as their cultural and artistic kinship is continually explored. The meticulously adorned chambers radiate an intimate charm, balancing both masculine and feminine elements that create the sensation of residing in an artist’s apartment. An evening spent within the restaurant's inner courtyard becomes an essential pilgrimage, a commitment to satisfying not only the discerning palate but also the soul yearning for aesthetic nourishment. The NoMad Hotel seamlessly intertwines history, modernity, and artistic allure, making it a destination that transcends time and captivates the essence of cultural and culinary exploration.

Amanjena, Marrakech, Morocco

Indulging in a stay at Amanjena is akin to stepping into the pages of a princely tale from One Thousand and One Nights, where opulence and luxury reign supreme. Nestled amidst lush gardens, fountains, serene pools, and inner courtyards, this 5-star sanctuary from the esteemed Aman chain transcends ordinary experiences. It whisks you away to a realm where the blush-hued walls welcome the setting sun's light with the grace of a custom-cut jewel case. Situated against the backdrop of the Agafay desert, the Atlas Mountains, and the vibrant city of Marrakech, this paradisiacal oasis boasts an unrivaled location. Beyond its prime setting, Amanjena distinguishes itself with a range of amenities, including a noteworthy restaurant, spa, golf course, and olive grove. However, one of the true strengths of Amanjena lies in its ability to emanate the grandeur of Arabian architectural gems, seamlessly blending expansive open spaces with intimate corners. These spaces invite guests to lose themselves in moments of pure contemplation, contributing to an atmosphere that is both grand and cozy simultaneously. A stay at Amanjena is a harmonious blend of luxury, cultural richness, and serene beauty, making it an unforgettable retreat in Marrakech.

Casa To, Mexico

Venture towards Puerto Escondido, where Casa To awaits you in a universe where nature and concrete blend in such exquisite harmony that it has graced the covers of illustrious specialized magazines such as AD, ELLE Déco, and Design Hunter, among others. In this "concrete jungle," one finds solace from the world yet becomes an intrinsic part of the environment. Every facet has been meticulously conceived and arranged to allow for the contemplation of wildlife and flora, without a single ripple of disturbance, as the ecological sanctuary of Punta Zicatela lies just opposite. Serenity is the guiding spirit of this haven, where nine rooms form sanctuaries of intimacy, adorned with sleek design. While the beach, bars, and restaurants are a mere 5-minute stroll away, Casa To offers a renowned gastronomic journey and an acclaimed wine bar for those who wish to linger and absorb the beauty of this place for as long as their heart desires.

Buahan, Banyan Tree Escape

To slumber as though atop the world, to luxuriate beneath the watchful gaze of rice terraces, to rouse amidst the misty jungle—immerse yourself in the untamed spirit of Bali at Banyan Tree Escape. Located just 40 minutes from Ubud, this sanctuary offers a unique form of disconnection, where time flows at a different cadence, distant from the tumult of worldly concerns. In this haven of ultimate disconnection, time meanders leisurely, offering respite from the stresses and obligations of daily life. Every detail in this sanctuary bears the indelible mark of the island's artisans, exemplified by the bespoke copper bathtubs meticulously crafted by esteemed experts. Each villa, suspended high above, cradles its own secluded pool, enveloped in an air of mystique that permeates the entire ambiance. It is, unquestionably, this mystical essence that has catapulted this extraordinary retreat to the summit of Travel + Leisure's "it list" in the year 2023. Banyan Tree Escape beckons those seeking a transcendent escape, inviting them to unwind in a realm where every moment is touched by the enchantment of Bali's unparalleled natural beauty and artisanal craftsmanship.