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Written by WLE

Every now and then, our editorial team engages in meetings with personalities who embody the essence of WANT through their unique perspectives, visions of a better living, and overall sense of style. And since we think details make the whole difference, here is a questionnaire about the little (and big) things in life, inspired by writer Marcel Proust.

For this month's feature, WANT had the pleasure of meeting with Catherine St-laurent, a talented actress based in Montreal, known for her roles in the movie Tu dors Nicole - for which she won Best supporting actress award at Prix Jutra and the Canadian Screen Awards - and the TV shows District 31 and L’Air d’aller. This fashion lover, deeply dedicated to her craft, nurtures her sense of wonder through art, culinary explorations, cherished relationships, and travel discoveries.

My fashion style : Comfortable and unconventional. I have my own style, not copied on anyone.

My favorite WANT piece : The leather handbags.

What made me want to pursue a career in acting : This
indescribable feeling of being transported or transformed by a movie.

The role/project that was the most challenging for me and how I overcame the difficulties : A project in which I felt in contradiction with my values. I had to patiently remind myself why I had wanted to do it in the first place and the positive aspects surrounding it.

What I love the most about my profession : To tell a story that touches me through a character.

The collaboration of my dreams : Denis Villeneuve.

The accomplishment I am most proud of : My first movie, Tu dors Nicole.

My main personality trait : My boyfriend says I’m a passionate

The thing that makes me angry : People who don’t walk straight on sidewalks.

My hidden talent : I can do a weird flower pattern with my tongue.

In love, I am : All in

In friendship, I am : Generous

What would my friends say about me : That I'm a good cook.

Last time I laughed : 2 minutes ago, when I asked my boyfriend what was my main personality trait!

The smell that makes me emotional : My friends perfumes (they smell so good!)

Nature’s spectacle that touches my soul : The light

The thing for which I am the most grateful : The people around me

If I had a superpower, it would be : Being able to travel without hurting the planet.

The piece advice that stayedwith me : Listen to yourself.

The place where I could see myself live in : New York. I’d move there tomorrow morning. It’s a dynamic city where I feel that I can be completely myself. I always feel at home there.

My dream destination : Right now, I dream to go back to Copenhague. I think about it everyday.

My biggest passion : Art. In acting, in the small thing of daily life, art everywhere, all the time

My idol : Diana Frances Spencer (Lady Diana). This woman deeply touches
my soul and for which I always felt a lot of empathy.

If I was an author, the topic of my book /podcast /show would be : You might know it soon...

The thing I love to do the most in my free time : Go through my cooking books for inspiration.

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