• Organic Cotton

    Natural fibers, sustainable sources and organic dyes are among the coveted qualities of Want Les Essentiels' luxurious organic cotton range. Sourced from the finest Turkish mills, all fabrics are made from 100% certified organic cotton. Among these, some fabrics are woven from natural fibers not requiring pesticides or herbicides, and also come from organic, sustainable and recycled sources. The collection's vast color palette is created using organically-approved dyes, some of which are also biodegradable.

  • Leathers

    Whether smooth and supple to the touch or ridged and rippled under the fingertips, every WANT Les Essentiels leather good is produced with only the finest quality, Grade A leather. Individually inspected for quality assurance, this leather is built to withstand the daily commute or international journey alike; it's long long-lasting and impeccably sustainable, maturing timelessly, while essential oils slowly introduce a lustrous shine to leather goods with age.

  • Tanneries

    Through ancient techniques mixed with modern ingenuity, every WANT Les Essentiels leather product is the result of a perfected tanning process. Leather is brought to life with the richness of colour, solidified by the use of prestige Italian and French leather tanneries with over 200 years of experience between their walls. Undergoing five rigorous tests, our leather goods are meant to withstand life's daily voyage, wherever it may take you.

  • Feature Focus: Our Iconic Silver and Gold Zipper

    Unity through contrast, a core WANT Les Essentiels ideal, is quite literally represented by the brand’s signature silver and gold zip closure. With one row of teeth in gold and the other in silver, this YKK high-end Excella® zipper is the world’s finest. Lightweight and smooth, symmetrical teeth allow the slider to move in both directions, while its polished plated metal finish creates a beautiful shine. Made in Japan, this unique zipper is a subtle amalgam of the opposites celebrated by WANT Les Essentiels: masculine and feminine, uptown and downtown, classic and modern, to name but a few.

  • Feature Focus: Our Dog Clip

    Carry more on a voyage with ease; the metal dog clip is designed to sustain up to 35kg in weight. With versatility at its core, the clips opens when pressure is applied, attaching to your WANT Les Essentiels goods with ease. Attached to a pivoting base, the dog clip will easily adjust to any movements, following any direction. Engraved with WANT LEV branding, this polished metal clip packs more than meets the eye.

  • Feature Focus: Our Embossed Lock

    Secure, sleek, essential: elements that encompass the WANT Les Essentiels lock. Embossed with our signature running man, a modern traveller, this silver plated case keeps valuables securely stowed, yet easily accessible when desired. Keys enter in a smooth motion and goods are unlocked with a simple twist, unveiling passports, business documents, and more. The polished, curved shackle loops through zip sliders as if second nature, and fastens into the case with a mere push. Whether on a business excursion or a weekend getaway, this sleek lock is indispensable to the sophisticated wanderer.