Meet the mother-daughter duo united by their creative ambitions.
“I felt alive. I felt my heart beat,” says Grece Ghanem as she recalls holding her daughter, Cheyenne, for the first time. Fashion has paved out their journey of discovery, in themselves and each other, and now makes their heart beat with purpose.

Grece’s contemporary approach to ageless style is boldly admired by the online world. With daughter Cheyenne by her side and behind the camera, social media has become an integral part of their emotional growth together. This somewhat unconventional mother-daughter bonding has not only brought them cheers from the masses, but more importantly, they are now each other’s pillars of support.

Deciding to explore fashion on digital platforms was encouraged by Cheyenne, the now 22- year-old finance degree graduate, who saw Instagram as the stage to expose her mother’s sartorial side. In June 2016, their first photo was posted on @greceghanem, with Grece selecting the outfit and Cheyenne providing artistic direction. The mother-daughter collaborative project transformed into a meaningful learning experience, forged from support and unconditional encouragement, allowing Grece to pursue her dream of modeling and Cheyenne to explore her creative ambitions. Their surge in public interest has gained them a wide international following, becoming a style favorite for those inspired by Grece’s ability to mix patterns and silhouettes with a timeless modernity.

While capturing an artful ensemble brings them together for a moment, they can sometimes be disconnected by life’s many responsibilities but continue to dedicate quality time for each other. “Find common ground in an activity that both of you share together, and then it will challenge you but also provide you with happy moments,” emphasizes Cheyenne. Their interest in gastronomy, art and design has brought them to cities like Paris, Venice, and New York City, to name a few. Over time their kinship strengthened with every adventure’s twists and turns. “Sometimes life, as a mother and daughter . . . takes you into directions that are beyond your control. But this also strengthens us together,” says Grece.

While this important chapter has united the two, Grece also lends advice to all mothers who are near or far from their children: “It is important to tell your kid how much you love them, how much you're proud of them and to support them and to guide them and just be there. Present.”

So, what are the mother-daughter duo up to next? “My mom and I always wanted to do a trip to the Italian coast,” says Cheyenne. But both are welcoming the surprises the future holds.